This is the inaugural post in my new blog, entitled (as no doubt you are aware) "Bacchus, Bragi and Thor". Unlike my personal blog, which can be found here, this particular corner of the magical ether will have a purpose and a mission. Granted, this mission is more a personal one than anything in the vein of public service - which means that I'm the only one who has to approve of what I'm doing. This is always Dead Handy.

Mission statement, then:

"To document my personal travels and travails through the World of Musics, and to humbly offer my own opinion on various works in this field."

Nice and open, don't you think?

Now, to the naming of the blog. I have very little in the way of restrictions to what I will actually sample as far as music is concerned; my main criteria are talent and originality, without forgetting the essential component of the effect the music has upon the listener. There are few ideas in the world which represent the emotion and irrationality of the human spirit more effectively than that of gods. While considering what sort of music affects me most deeply on an emotional level, I came to realise that, broadly speaking, they fall into three categories: fun, beauty, and sheer power. By no means are these black-and-white boxes into which music can neatly be slotted; shades of grey abound.

Before signing off from this historic first post, I feel compelled to add a qualifier to all that is to follow: if I were ever forced to pigeon-hole my taste in music, or name a favourite "genre" (no doubt my love-hate relationship with genres will become apparent), I would most likely go for something along the lines of "progressive", and, if pushed, would probably add "metal". I enjoy the fact that virtually anything displaying imagination can be classed as progressive, and in general (though by no means exclusively), I tend to listen more to that which is classed as "metal" than any other genre.

So it is without further ado that I present to you messers Bacchus, Bragi and Thor.

Bacchus, the (Romanised) God of intoxication and general debauchery, who bringeth the funs.

Bragi, the Nordic God of poetry, who bringeth all things of grace and beauty.

Thor, the Nordic God of thunder, who bringeth the Big Fuckin' Heavies.

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