Serj Tankian - Empty Walls (Video)

As you may be aware, Serj Tankian of System of a Down fame has launched his solo career with a new album called Elect the Dead. The first single from this release, with accompanying video, is Empty Walls, and it's this that I want to ramble on about today.

The first time I saw this video was on the television, probably either Kerrang or Scuzz. It struck me as typical Serj - intense, creative, mad and compellingly charismatic. Then, just recently, I downloaded the uncensored version. I don't recall the differences as such, but it certainly struck me in a completely different way this time around. Put simply, and without exaggeration, it is a crime to censor this video.

The imagery is simply superb throughout, with children acting out the events of the Iraq war in a "kindergarten" setting. While the song is a little repetitive, it never becomes a true weakness; and the ending is extremely moving. Anyway, it's one of those things that is best left to speak for itself, so I'll now stand aside and let it do so.

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